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Chip, Bit, & Byte (Currently Not Done)


WASD or Arrow Keys to move
P or Z to jump
Pressing P or Z mid - air to double jump
Holding S or Down Arrow to crouch
Crouching while jumping does a short hop


In this game you play as either Chip, Bit, or Byte to find Chip's mom. You'll navigate underground meeting friends and foes and solving (quite simple) puzzles!


Music playing in the background:
Blue Jay's Day Off - BluAxolotl with assistance by Karma (kicks) and DizzyDwarf (short melody)

Music that plays when you idle for 10 seconds:
Chip tune - BluAxolotl


-Added a shit-ton of bug fixes

-Pause Menu on level 4??

-Walking particles (that will be able to be turned off next update)

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