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If You Give Me Money I Will Personally Go To Your House And Hug You (not really im like 5). Also, please tell me how it controls in comments so I can fix before the Jam ends. And this will stay up after Game Jam so yea :L


How to play:

Press any button on the keyboard to jump over skateboards and trashcans, and hold any button to perform a double jump. The jump is super short, so you gotta time it right and it adds a challenge aspect to a otherwise easy game. There is also sometimes a cooldown for the jump, so you gotta make sure you jump only when you have to


Kid does everything to the beat, and he is trying to get to school while doing everything to the beat and maintaining his  dignity. Get em' there while keeping his dignity in check


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Also, I cannot beat the game. So good luck (ha ha fahnny)